Michael Black (blakfalkon) wrote in anagnosts,
Michael Black

Foggy Christmas

My apologizes Mr. Emory and others for my absence. I have discoursed on the reasons elsewhere and will not further trouble you the matter here.

Unfortunately, like with all else, my reading has fallen behind during this busy season. I did manage to lay hands on "A Christmas Carol" which I read to amuse myself on Christmas Eve. I was struck somehow by the similarities of Scrooge's Christmas Eve to my own. A thick fog impeded my trip home from work that evening. My own apartment was cold and stark and empty. My meal was simple and had the potential to cause a bit of heartburn.

Fortunately (or perhaps some would say, unfortunately) the similarities ended there. There were no ghosts of past, present or future to show me the joys of my life and the errors of my ways. There was no miraculous transformation upon the next morning. I admit to sleeping fitfully, but I attribute that to the echoes late-roaming revellers and an over-worked and under-performing furnace.

But as I said, I have no intention to trouble you with my life. I would, however, be interested in additional suggested reading. Perhaps we can make a fresh start with the coming of the new year?
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