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Literary Conspiracy Theories

Mr. Emory: Have you considered a career as a tabloid journalist yourself? That's quite an interesting idea you have there about hidden meaning encoded in Lovecraft's stories. I might have to stea--ahem, borrow it for an article. As I've said, it does beat hauling out the hoary old Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce or Jeanne Dixon or Bible or Joan of Arc prophecies again.

That aside, I must confess that I find it a bit of a dubious proposition. People like to write along similar themes in their bodies of work, but that does not necessarily mean they are trying to convey a Sekrit Message. People have tried to cast almost every great work of literature since the world began into steganographic interpretations; witness the recent Biblical schlock movies based on that idea. I do think it makes a wonderful idea for a story, perhaps even a series of stories if well-written. But just as I cheerfully make up tales of alien abductions and weeping paintings and Elvis sightings and people cloning Hitler's body parts without believing a word of it, I really doubt there is any truth to this idea either.

Still, it will be interesting to see what you come up with. There is always the possibility that I may have to eat my words--though I rather doubt it.

(And I am still waiting on your responses to my previous posts, by the way.)
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