Michael Black (blakfalkon) wrote in anagnosts,
Michael Black

The Whisperer in Darkness

Two for two. I'm really starting to think I need to look more carefully at the science fiction being written by HPL's contemporaries.

I am further convinced that Lovecraft was unjustly categorized as horror. This story reads more like a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits tale than horror, in my opinion. Perhaps he was ahead of his time and 'they' were therefore unable to properly place him in the right box. I hesitate to provide too much detail for fear of detracting from the joy of the first read for any Anagosts who have yet to read this tale. (Am I the only one?)

I am struck, however, by the passiveness of the protagonists (in the two works I've read so far). Unlike so many stories, they don't really do anything. Maybe a little travel, a little poking about, but all in all, they make Miss Marple (by Agatha Christie) look like a spry young action heroine. Is this representative of HPL's work? It seems very different from the CoC RPG sessions I have been party to.

Without getting into further detail about the stories themselves, I think that summarizes my thoughts for now. It is comic book day, so I doubt I will get to another tale for a day or so....
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