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Call of Cthullu - Classic Science Fiction

Rather than subjecting myself to further network schlock last evening, I settled down to a read of Call of Cthullu. I started fresh and read the tale from beginning to end.

I can't believe I haven't read HPL's works sooner! It is classic science fiction unjustly shelved next to Steven King in the horror section. Telepathic Aliens bent on world domination! A truly enjoyable take on this chestnut. I particularly enjoyed the level to which HPL was able to depict the truly alien nature of the antagonists. Even their transport, I mean city, was beyond the ken of men. How appropriate.

I look forward with some eagerness to the next tale you have so graciously provided a link to, Mr. Emory.


Mr. Emory: Thank you for your kind comments. If I can locate a copy of the Dickens work in question, I think I am going to take up my mother's tradition. Perhaps in my search for the book, I will look for further connections between HPL and Dickens....

A related note. One of the passages that lodged in my skull as I recalled my mother's December readings was an early one, where the author described the thick fog which engulfed London on Scrooge's fateful night. This morning, I found my commute plagued by a fog nearly as thick. I do so love coincidence.
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